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King of Kreations” in Academy of American Poets. 2018
Omen to Get Your Ass Up” in them. 2017
Woo Woo Roll Deep” in Buzzfeed Reader 2017
ANGEL NAFIS” in POETRY Magazine 2016
Ghazal for Becoming Your Own Country in POETRY Magazine 2016
Ode to Lois” in Prelude Magazine 2015
Ode to Shea Butter in Prelude Magazine 2015
Ode to Voicemail in Sixth Finch 2015
Why R&B First Thing In The Morning, Why R&B Above All, The Rumpus 2015
Gravity, Poetry Magazine 2015
Angel’s Heart Clowns the Ocean, Muzzle Magazine 2011
Angel’s Heart Reasons With Her Dad, Muzzle Magazine 2011
Be Blk!, Union Station Magazine 2011



“ANGEL NAFIS” in POETRY Magazine 2016
“Ghazal for Becoming Your Own Country” in POETRY Magazine 2016
“Ode to Shea Butter” in Prelude Magazine 2015
“Ode to Lois” in Prelude Magazine 2015
“Gravity” in Poetry Magazine 2015
“Legend” & “Gravity” & “Conspiracy” & “Ghazal For My Sister” in The BreakBeat Poets Anthology 2015
“Ghazal For My Sister” & “Betty Boop” in Mosaic Magazine 2013
“Open” & “When I Realize I’m Wearing My Girlfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Panties” & “Tarbaby Fly” in The Rattling Wall 2012
“Directions To Finding You” in Requiem For a Paper Bag Anthology 2009
“I Know I’m Pretty Cuz The Boys Tell Me So” in The Bear River Review 2007


Featured in Buzzfeed’s 13 Poems That Will Move You 2017
Featured in Brooklyn Magazine’s 30 under 20 2016
Featured in HBO’s Insecure Instagram Highlights: Real Women Inspiring & Cultivating Community 2016
Featured in Elle Magazine’s 9 Books to Add to the Modern Brown Girl Literary Canon 2015
Featured in Buzzfeed’s 30 Contemporary Poets You Need To Know 2015

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